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25/11 Last month with good results Happyrhodos.jpg - 31.38 Kb

The last month has beeen good with placings in Oslo Horse Show CSI***** and Helsinki Horse Show CSI*****

 Rhodos in Helsinki

22/8 New horses, results etc.  kirfaaeg1.jpg - 104.93 Kb

The first half of 2010 have been very succesfull for Jan, with his 2 new horses, Kirfa and Rhodos, together with Canarias placed themselves a lot of classes and GPs. Kirfa has last shows placed himself, 5th CSI** GP Vestfold, 5th CSI*** GP Arctic, 3rd Tallinn CSI***GP, 10th Tallin***WC, 3rd Walber GP, 4th Epona GP, 6th CSI**Fredensborg GP, Clear Nation Cup CSIO Sopot, 7th CSIO*** GP Drammen,  9th GP CSI Hammarø, 1st Nat. Champ. Team etc.

 Kirfa Norway GP CSIO***

26/6 Copenhagen, Ypäjä, Drammen canariasiparken.jpg - 7.12 Kb

Jan was with Canarias on the team that finnished 6th in the Nation Cup in Copenhagen, with just a foot in the water. In Ypäjä Canarias was 6th in a class and jumped with 1 timefault and clear seccond round on the team that was 3rd. Rabondi won the qual. for the Derby and was 3rd in the Derby and Lapdanse was 4th in a class. In Drammen, Canarias was 6th in a 1.40-1.50 CSIO class, Rabondi was 7th in the qual. and 6th in the GP in CSI*, Happy Irco placed in a 1.30 CSI* and Akrobat placed in a CSIO 1.40.

27/5 Jan 1st Arendal GP and 3rd in Sandnes can.jpg - 18.93 Kb

Canarias won Arendal GP, this is the 8th year in a row Jan is placed in this GP and the third time he wins it. Happy Irco was 2nd in the 6 year old final. In Sandnes Jan was 3rd in the GP on Rabondi, won a 1.40 with Lapdanse, won a 1.35 with Akrobat and won the 6 year old tour with Happy Irco.

04/04 Placed Den Bosch   

Jan was placed with Akrobat in Den Bosch. Rabondi and Canarias jumped the big classes with some fences down but good.

03/04 Clinic with Piet Raijmakers

Piet gave a fantastic clinic at Jans place for Jan and his riders.

24/2 Jan 6th in GP 

Jan was placed a lot at this years AEG CSI***. Akrobat placed three times in 1.35, Rabondi, was 6th, 3rd and 3rd in 1.40. Canarias was 10th in GP qual and 6th in the GP. Lapdanse was 5th and 5th in the 7 year old classes.

9/2 Placed in Århus  canari_1.jpg - 5.55 Kb

Jan was placed 4 times in CSI** Århus. 2nd in 140 and 4th in 140 with Rabondi, placed in 1.40 and 10th in GP qual on Canarias.

3/12 National Champion...


Jan has the past months, won classes, GP`s, been placed international classes in CSI Arendal, Oslo WC, Helsinki WC and Odense***. He also won the Norwegian Championship inndoor with Canarias, the Team Championship with Rabondi and the 6 year old Champ. with Lapdanse. So far this year Jan has won 42 classes with his horses.

15/7 Placed in 5 GP`s in a row


The last weeks Jan has had very good shows. Winning classes and placed 2nd in Bergen GP anf 1st and 2nd in Tr.Heim GP. Miss Angelique won the 5 year old final in both shows and the horses Liberace and Akrobat took several wins and placings.

27/5 Placed in 3 GP`s in a row   canari_1.jpg - 5.55 Kb

The last month Jan has been placed and won in all the national GP`s. In Sandnes GP he won with Rabondi both the 1.45 saturday and the GP sunday. In Arendal he was 4th with Rabondi and 5th with Canarias. In Hønefoss he was 4th with Canarias and 6th with Rabondi. Lapdanse was clear all the 6 year old classes. Now it will be some big nice shows with the cSIO Hamina, Csio Drammen and maybe CSIO Tallinn.

5/3 Jan placed and won at AEG*** jan spektrum_1.jpg - 32.11 Kb akrobat1.jpg - 113.57 Kb

Jan and the horses was good at the AEG. Rabondi was placed 5th and jumped with one down in 4 big classes, Canarias was placed twice in 1.40. Akrobat was clear the 7 year old classes and Lapdanse won the 6 year old finals.See results and videos at: &

12/02 Horses jumped good in CSI*** Aarhus henry.jpg - 9.76 Kb

Both horses jumped good in Aarhus, but one down to many times for prizes. Canarias was placed in small tour final saturday with two clear rounds. see:

05/02 Good Weekend in Arendal.scan0001.jpg - 64.84 Kb

Rabondi was 6th in the GP, Lapdanse was placed in 1.25 and Canarias was placed in two 1.30s

21/01 Won two...  akrobat1.jpg - 113.57 Kb

Akrobat won both the 1.20 and the 1.30 sunday in Hønefoss.

09/01  Won in CSI** Århus... 

CSI Århus was a good show for Jan. First day he was 1st and 4th, seccond day he was 8th in the qual. for the GP and in the GP the horse jumped good with two fences down.


11/12 Win nr 40 and 2nd in Epona Prix  DSC00302.JPG - 27.01 Kb

It was a good show in Kr.Sand. Rabondi was 1st, 3rd and in the GP he was 2nd. Akrobat was placed all classes and nr 5 in the 1.30. With this Jan won 40 classes this year!

30/10  Jan nr 4 in the championship..  

Jan was seccond in the indoor championship first day and in the final day one clear and one round with two down gave them 4th place.

2/10 Jan with Hat-Trick in CSI Arendal lapdance_1.jpg - 37.62 Kb 

Jan won three classes with Henry during the CSI Arendal. Rabondi was seccond in the big class saturday and Lapdanse was clear all show and seccond in the 5 year old final.

18/09 Danse won in Hønefoss...  arendal2 - 11.89 Kb

Danse won the 1.30 and Rabondi was 3rd in the 1.40 in Hønefoss

10/09 In Drøbak it was 1st, 3rd and 4th plass...

Henry won 130 fridag, Rabondi was 4th. Danse was 3rd in saturday 1.40.

20/08 Nr 7 in the National Champi.....  nm_2.jpg - 3.30 Kb

After winning the first day of the Championship and lying seccond before the last round it was a bit of a dissapointment when some foults sent them to 7th place.

Lapdanse won the 5 year old Championship final and owerall!!!

6/08 Two*1 plass and 3rd in Drøbak Open...  vinner.jpg - 2.46 Kb

Jan started day 1 in Drøbak winning the first qual. for Drøbak Open on Henry. Saturday in 2nd qual to Drøbak Open Jan won again with Henry and was 4th with Rabondi. In the Drøbak Open Jan finnishd 3rd witth Rabondi.

31/07 Drammen won the team Championship.. 

The Team from Drammen with Jan won the Team Championship.

23/07 Won 5 year old final and placed GP in Arendal..

Lapdanse won the 5 year old final and Rabondi was placed in the GP and the 1.45 saturday.

10/07 3 wins in Bergen..

Fridag Jan won 1.35 on Danse and was 2nd on Rabondi. Saturday Rabondi won 1.45. Sunday Danse was 3rd in 1.30 and Rabondi was 3rd in the GP. Lapdanse was clear all classes and 2nd in the 5 yo final..

11/06 Two *1st in Brunla..   carnival.jpg - 2.61 Kb

Jan won the 1.30 on Henry and 1.35 on Carrot in Brunla

06/06 Three * 1st in Sandnes...   

Jan had a really good show in Sandnes. saturday Danse won 1.35 and Rabondi was 2nd in1.45. Sunday Henry won 1.40 and monday 1.30, 

28/05 Two * 1st in Sande...   

Danse won the 1.30, Carrot won the 1.40 and Rabondi was 2nd in Sande Prix.

21/05 Two * 1st... 

130 friday Jan was 1th on Henry, 3rd on Danse and 4th on Carrot, in the 1.40 Jan won on Rabondi. Henry was 2nd in 1.30 saturday and the the rest of the show rained away and was canselled.

2/05 won 2 in Rogaland...  berg_rab - 14.00 Kb

Jan won two 1.30s on Danse and was 6th in Stavanger Open with Rabondi.

23/04 Five times 1st Place... 

Jan won no less than 5 classes in Skien. Friday 1.25 with Danse and 1.35 with Rabondi. Saturday 1.30 with Danse and 1.40 with Rabondi and Sunday 1.35 with Carrot.

11/02 On Form in Arendal.....    2_1.jpg - 25.40 Kb

Friday jan won 1.25 on Henry, in 1.35 Rabondi was 2nd og Carrot 4th. Saturday Henry won 1.35 og Rabondi was 2nd in the 1.45. 

Stedet for deg som vil noe mer!